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Below are all the uniform options that can be worn throughout the year. There are a handful of days each year when girls must wear their formal uniform, however on any one day they are able to choose which elements they wear. At new entrants’ fittings we ensure each girl has the items she requires, understands the options available and feels confident in her choices. We expect each girl to respect and wear her St Margaret’s College uniform appropriately and with pride.

Formal Uniform
Junior & Middle School
Formal Uniform
Senior School
Long-Sleeved Blouse
with Tie
Short-Sleeved Blouse
with Tie

Cardigan Gym Dress Tailored Shorts with
Short-Sleeved T Shirt
Skirt (Y9 upwards)
& Long-Sleeved T Shirt

Sun Hat
(Junior School Only)
Optional Rain Jacket Blazer  Red Blazer (awarded)



 Merino Top (Junior School only)                                          SMC Hoodie                       

Navy Trousers