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The Joy of Giving Back

Date: 27th July 2021

When Amy Chung isn’t in the throes of her second year pharmacy studies at the University
of Otago, you’ll find her volunteering at Christchurch Hospital.
An SMC and IB graduate in 2019, Amy has just won a Christchurch City Council Community
Service Award for supporting adults in our community. Now aged 19, Amy started
volunteering in Year 10.
“I was always actively involved with various music groups when I was younger and was
fortunate enough to have numerous opportunities to sing at retirement homes. Through
these experiences, I discovered that I have a genuine passion for helping others and making
people’s days a little brighter.
“So I searched on the internet to see if there were any available volunteering jobs, and that’s
when I found Christchurch Hospital.
“I absolutely love talking with patients of all ages and listening to their stories, whether that
be at the Volunteers’ Shop at the hospital or through helping patients with mobility difficulties
get to their appointments.”
Amy says that as a pharmacy student, she knows that past experiences with the healthcare
system make a huge impact on patients’ future decisions to seek help from health
“Being in hospital or visiting someone there can be an emotional and daunting experience
for the patient and the whānau.
“That’s why I really enjoy being able to be the friendly face around the hospital and help out
to the best of my abilities to make the visits less stressful.
“And the staff at Christchurch Hospital are absolute heroes. My visits at the hospital have
always been positive thanks to the wonderful staff members there.”
Having lived in Christchurch most of her life, Amy says she loves giving back to her
“It’s great to play a small part in making our communities better places to live. I also hope
that through my actions of service around in the hospital, I can inspire others to start
volunteering and broaden their perceptions through giving service.”
Amy says that giving up just a few hours of your time can mean so much to the other person
who is receiving your help.
“And you gain so many invaluable skills. You learn to work with people of all ages, develop
communication and empathy skills as well as build self-confidence. You may come across situations that will make you step out of your comfort zone, but that’s how you grow as a person.”

Amy is particularly interested in clinical pharmacy and governmental roles. After completing
her internship, she would like to work at Christchurch Hospital as a clinical pharmacist.

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