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“Having four daughters it was really important that I found a school that catered for each one of them and their individual strengths. I am more than happy with the fantastic education that St Margaret’s College provides them with.  All four girls are catered for academically and there are numerous sporting and cultural opportunities for them. St Margaret’s has wonderful supportive teachers who care about their students, outstanding facilities, and their pastoral care is exceptional. All four girls are very proud to be St Margaret’s girls.” A.S.


“We chose St Margaret’s and the boarding option for our daughter because we felt she needed to be in a friendly and nurturing environment, somewhere where she wouldn’t get lost in the crowd and somewhere where she would grow in confidence. Watching our daughter over the last three and a half years has been an absolute pleasure. She is so happy, confident, has wonderful friends and loves the school. Boarding has been perfect for her as she loves sport and is keen to give everything a go, having the boarding house on site means she can do all the activities she loves but also keep up with school work which all boarders seem very focused on. In Year 9 she joined the rowing team, this has been amazing for her and for us, the parents! The rowing culture at SMC is incredible, the girls train hard with amazing supportive coaches, become very organised and disciplined, reap huge rewards and have a lot of fun at the same time.” A.D.


“Our experiences at St Margaret’s have so greatly exceeded our expectations. Moving Mandy in year 10 felt like we were taking a big chance but we haven’t once regretted the move from Lincoln. In her words “Mum it is cool to learn here and you aren’t a geek if you study. The other girls don’t waste time and try and avoid work, they want to work and get good results.”  As a parent hearing those words you just know you have made the right decision. Mandy moved knowing only one other girl. But, within days she had an entire new group of friends who are all as happy and enthusiastic as she is. It sounds clichéd but St Margaret’s is really like a family.” M.M


“We have two daughters attending SMC as day girls. Our eldest daughter began in year 9, but once we had a taste of all the school had to offer, we sent our younger daughter a year earlier than originally anticipated, and she started as a year 8. They came from a lovely small country school so it was quite a jump to go to a bigger school in town, but it has been well worthwhile. Both of our girls are excelling academically, well involved in sporting and cultural activities, and have made lovely new friends, for which we are thankful. We particularly like the way the school challenges the girls not only to do well in their studies, but also encourages them to take part in the arts and sports. In our family, we strive to raise ‘well-rounded’ children, and the school’s philosophy complements our values perfectly.” V.M.


“I just want to say how much our girls are loving St Margaret’s, they truly think they are the luckiest girls alive! We are delighted that they are encouraged not only with their sporting goals (they particularly love Julie’s lunchtime fitness sessions), but have found that they love drama and the arts too, which is way out of their comfort zones. I think this is an indication of the incredible culture the school has, our girls are supported and encouraged to take risks and to give all opportunities a go in a safe and positive environment. I can’t express enough how happy they are, it is an incredible school with fantastic opportunities and role models. I loved it when one of the girls said “my mouth is sore from smiling and saying hi so much, everyone is just so happy at school!” Anyway we just want to say a big thank you our expectations have been exceeded in all areas of SMC – wish I could go back to school! ” K.P.


“We have two daughters at St Margaret’s college, in year 9 and year 5.  Both girls are in the SMC Learning Enhancement programme and have individual IEP’s. They have attended SMC for 2 years. We have found the teaching staff that the girls have had and currently involved with extremely passionate about the girls learning and very approachable. SMC has a warm, positive, proactive learning environment and has a great family feel while empowering girls to be the best and do the best through leadership, high expectations and strong values. As parents we have seen both girls grow in confidence, determination, persistence and maturity.  They have made amazing lifelong friends and are very proud of their school.” A.T.