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Student Safety – Papanui Road Entrance and other areas

Date: 14th February 2018

The Papanui Road entrance is closed to ALL day-girl parents as a drop off or pick up area.
It is used only as a pedestrian entrance and exit for girls.
Boarder parents, who are frequent visitors to Kilburn, Cranmer and Julius Houses, are asked to be alert to girls and staff in the area when they drive onto the property.
Winchester and Andover Streets are very busy at the start and the end of the day. Duty staff have noticed many parents double – parking. This is extremely dangerous for everyone, especially younger students who may not be seen as they attempt to cross the road and flow of traffic is also hindered. Please park further along the street and please DO NOT park over any driveway as you will be towed. Older girls should be able to walk a short way to meet you.
The parking onsite next to the Pre-school is reserved for pre-school parent drop off and pick up and many of these families also have small babies and toddlers. These spaces are reserved specifically for them.
The Andover Street Carpark is for staff use only. Please do not drive into this area between 7.00am and 4.30pm during the week days.
There is a bike park and pedestrian entrance near the Carpark gate. 
Thank you for your co-operation. Safety is the responsibility of us all.

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