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St Margaret of Scotland

St Margaret’s College was named after two saints; Margaret of Antioch and Margaret of Scotland.


St Margaret of Scotland:

Margaret of Scotland descended directly from the Saxon kings of England however when England was overrun during the 11th century her ancestors moved to Europe. Subsequently Margaret was likely born in Hungary in 1046. Margaret and her family briefly returned to England in 1057 but fled to Scotland following the Norman conquest of England in 1066. In 1070, in return for her family’s protection, Margaret married King Malcom III of Scotland becoming Queen of Scots.

As a devout Roman Catholic, she insisted on stricter observance of Lent, promoted Easter Communion and ensured that Sunday was a day of prayer not work. Margaret established schools, orphanages, hospitals, monasteries and places of rest for pilgrims. The mother of six sons and two daughters also cared for the poor and sick, often visiting and nursing them in their own homes. She later founded the Queen’s ferry across the Firth of Forth in Scotland, providing a safe passage for pilgrims travelling to the shrine of St Andrews in Fife.

For these acts of charity and kindness, any the many others she performed during her lifetime she was considered by the people an exemplar of the ‘just ruler’. Margaret is depicted as a strong, pure, noble character guided by her religion.

Queen Margaret died in 1093 mere days after receiving the news that her husband and eldest son had been killed in the Battle of Alnwick.

Margaret was canonised by Pope Innocent IV in 1250.

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