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St Margaret of Antioch

St Margaret’s College was named after two saints; Margaret of Antioch and Margaret of Scotland.


St Margaret of Antioch:

There is a lack of detail and agreement about the life of Margaret of Antioch, but there are some common threads. She was the daughter of a pagan priest but after adopting the Christian faith Margaret’s father disowned her. She was then brought up by her nurse, who introduced her to Christianity, or by a foster mother who kept sheep in the countryside, and who protected Margaret because of their shared Christian faith.

To be a Christian in Greece during the 4th century was as good as inviting death. She was offered marriage at the price of giving up her faith, but when she refused to recant she was tortured and executed. It has been said that the red in the St Margaret’s College uniform derives from this St Margaret.

Unfortunately, the date set apart to remember her in the Christian calendar, 20 July, was in the school holidays at the time the college began. This made it impossible to have a day in the school year when she could be acknowledged. It was decided therefore that the college could more conveniently celebrate the saint’s day of Margaret of Scotland on 16 November each year.



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