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Senior School

St Margaret’s College Senior School offers a wide range of exciting learning experiences for our senior students providing a sound foundation for success in NCEA or International Baccalaureate and most importantly, for their life beyond secondary education. We value holistic education blended with strong learning and academic focus. Our exceptional academic record provides outstanding opportunities for St Margaret’s girls in their future.

St Margaret’s College is the only girls’ school in the South Island to offer a dual academic pathway in the Senior School, incorporating both NCEA and the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB). In offering IB we give our students the opportunity to follow a philosophy of education and an internationally-recognised qualification which reflects exactly what St Margaret’s is all about. Our Year 11 students study our Senior School Foundation Diploma, then in Year 12 students are in the enviable position to choose whether they continue with their NCEA programme or move to IB. This choice enables our students to follow the learning and assessment pathway that best suits their individual needs.

The majority of our students study in specific areas of interest offered within SMC. However, we also have the flexibility to work with multi-level, blended curriculum learning areas and outside providers to provide the best learning opportunities for an individual’s needs.

Within the learning programme, students are supported with both gifted and talented opportunities and learning support through our Centre for Learning Enhancement. Individual students’ learning needs are closely incorporated into their own learning programme. There are also a number of programmes designed to extend and support learners. These include scholarship classes, above year level learning in specific subjects and EPIC (Empowered Personalised Inspired Challenge). These courses follow on from Future Scholars, Literacy Learning and some NCEA opportunities in the Middle School.

Each student’s learning programme is well supported with our comprehensive pastoral programme based on Senior School tutor groups. The relationships in learning are central to our success as our teachers work with their students both within the classroom, the pastoral structure and across a wide range of co-curricular activities.