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Museum Alive!

Date: 23rd November 2017

It’s the year 2067 and a group of school children are on a trip to the museum. While they are looking around, they get lost and they discover a magical globe of the world as it was back in 2017. Some of the paintings in the museum come to life and teach the children how to use the globe to go back in time. They use the globe to travel to the Ocean, Jungle, Arctic and NZ Forest where they meet some endangered creatures who, through song and dance, teach them what is threatening their survival. The children are motivated to want to try and change the course of history and save the animals from extinction.

The Junior School Production this year is a play written especially for the junior students inspired by their studies of endangered animals. Come and support the Junior School and see what our Year 1-6 girls have been busy creating!

Where: Charles Luney Auditorium
When: Thursday 23 November at 6:00pm
Tickets: $20 adults and $10 children (both plus booking fee) available here.

Tickets are on sale on the above link until 3:00pm on Thursday 23 November. After this, door sales (cash or EFTPOS) are available at the Charles Luney Auditorium from 5:00pm. 

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