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Measles Vaccination Update

Date: 9th April 2019

To help contain Canterbury’s measles outbreak a wider group of people are now eligible to receive a second MMR vaccination.

As well as continuing to provide the vaccine to those aged 12 months to 28 years old who have never been vaccinated, Canterbury DHB is extending the availability of the second dose of MMR vaccine to:

  • all those aged 12 months – 28 years
  • caregivers of infants aged up to 12 months
  • those between 29 and 50 who work with children

 Extending the second dose to these groups recognises the importance of stopping the transmission of measles amongst young people.

Please don’t export measles these school holidays. The measles virus is incredibly infectious. If you are travelling these holiday’s please make sure your tamariki are fully vaccinated before departing.  It takes two weeks for a person to be fully immune after vaccination, so please contact your GP team about vaccination as soon as you can.

More information on the measles can be found at www.cph.co.nz/news-events

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