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Major Productions

Each year a major performing arts production is planned at St Margaret’s College. This production often includes students and staff from other schools. Whole-school productions are all about maximum participation and inclusion, with girls from Junior School to Year 13 being involved.

Our shows reflect the positive collaboration between the main performing arts areas of music, dance and drama, together with visual arts and technology. Auditioned performers work alongside larger support sections, allowing girls to take part at every conceivable level. Creative input from students is also encouraged where possible, for example musical composition, choreography, arranging, design for set and props, etc.

We try to widen participation in terms of skills as well, with backstage crew, makeup teams and technicians, designers and support crew working alongside the cast, and performers new to the stage mixing with virtuoso old hands. Inclusivity is never an excuse for a drop in standard, but rather a way of bringing together our community in all its creative diversity and glory.