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Lime Scooter Regulations

Date: 26th October 2018

With the arrival of the Lime Scooters in Christchurch city last week there is a need to provide some clarity around the use of them in relation to school.
There are regulations around the use of the scooters and because we are a school where bikes and ordinary scooters are not permitted to be  ridden through the campus for the safety of everyone – the Lime Scooters are treated the same.
In summary:
• No Lime Scooters to be ridden anywhere on SMC property
• R18 – legal age required to ride them
• No helmets provided, but recommended
• Scooter riders must leave the scooters parked safely in a public place
• Can be ridden on pathways, cycleways and very far left of road, if necessary. NB: NZTA state cycle lanes can only be used if impeding traffic and as soon as road is clear scooters must return to road
• Scooter riders are expected to be considerate of all people when on pathways and cycleways.   Pedestrians and cyclists may not be able to hear scooters approaching
• All scooter riders need to be very cautious of the speed they are travelling as injuries could be serious if they have an accident.
Our  neighbouring streets are incredibly busy and often visibility or clear passage is restricted with traffic congestion.  Every care and  responsibility must be taken by anyone riding a Lime Scooter.

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