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Leck Centre for Learning Enhancement

The Leck Centre for Learning Enhancement offers a supportive learning environment for students who are identified as learning differently. These differences can range from gifted and talented to English language learners, to students with dyslexia or other learning difficulties, or a combination of these. Each girl is identified on entry to assess where their strengths or difficulties may lie.

Students may be referred to our Leck Centre at any time and appropriate, individual support actions are developed on consultation with staff, teachers and students. We have an experienced team of practitioners who keep abreast of current practice and provide small group tuition. In addition, support teachers work in many classrooms to increase the teacher/student ratio.

After consultation, girls who require more support in their learning are invited into a smaller LEC (Learning Enhancement Class). Here they focus on literacy and numeracy, study skills and programmes specifically catering for learning differences with qualified staff.

Students who are English language learners are offered extra support in English language acquisition through small group and individual programmes.

Projects beyond the classroom are offered to extend the learning experience of our most gifted and talented girls.