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Key Strategic Priorities 2021


Educating young women to learn, live and lead.

Community Engagement

  • All members of the SMC community locally and globally are valued and feel a real connection to the past, present and future of the College.
  • Relationships are created and nurtured.
  • Philanthropy and a desire to contribute to the sustainability of the College is embedded as a norm in our culture.
  • Focus on attraction and recruitment through events, marketing and increased brand awareness.

Wellbeing (Hauora) of Students and Staff

  • SMC has evidence of a planned, deliberate and tiered approach to student wellbeing programmes from Years 1-13.
  • SMC has evidence of a planned deliberate approach to staff wellbeing.
  • Systems, programmes, policies and procedures are alighted with current research and best practice to enhance the mental and physical wellbeing of all members of our whanau.
  • Staff have ownership of student wellbeing and are well informed and well trained.

Develop Pathways and Programmes to Deliver on the Desired Attributes of a St Margaret’s Graduate

  • Rites of passage and transitions between the three schools are clearly articulated and understood.
  • Staff, parents and students have clear understanding of the desired attributes and share a common language throughout the three schools.
  • Girls have opportunities to lead in the school and in the community.
  • SMC Graduate Profile

Personalised Learning for Engagement, Motivation and Support

  • Opportunities for the delivery of learning online.
  • Opportunities for online access to learning.
  • Opportunities for personalised learning and multi-level learning pathways.
  • Differentiated learning underpins student learning and achievement.

Business Development

  • New initiatives create alternate income streams using SMC core business of education.
  • SMC contributes learning opportunities for those in the community who cannot afford the normal access.
  • Initiatives are self-funding through partnerships or income generating through self-managed programmes.