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Ella Wells

An interview with the Head Girl of 2017


Favourite subjects:

Drama, History, Classics


Role models:

The Wells Brothers – they are down to earth free skiers that work hard but do what they love.

Lin-Manuel Miranda – an American composer, playwright, actor and singer. He has written some of my favourite musicals and his work fascinates me. I idolise him because of the way in which he has utilised the skills he has and follows his passions.


What does next year look like for you?:

I hope to be studying Law and Arts (Theatre) in Wellington


Dream job:

I’d love to be on Broadway…or working with and helping young people


How did you feel when it was announced you were Head Girl?

It was a surreal feeling and I was overwhelmed with pure happiness. It was such an honour but I was definitely a little nervous.


What is the hardest part of your role as Head Girl?

Not taking everything to heart. Sometimes my big visions don’t go to plan and when you put your heart and soul into them that can be hard to deal with but I’ve learnt to take things as they come and also to let things go.


What is the best part of your role as Head Girl?

When I’m walking around the school and the younger girls know who I am; knowing that I’m a role model is an amazing feeling and an incredible responsibility!


One word you’d like to be remembered by?

Compassionate – people may not remember exactly what you did but they will remember the way you did it and how you made them feel as you did it.


What do you love most about St Margaret’s?

The way we are surrounded by girls of all different ages! It’s such a wonderful feeling being able to coach the younger girls at netball, being a mentor or just being able to go and see the girls in the pre-school and junior school. It all adds to the family feel!