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Dental Van Visit

Date: 15th October 2019

The Community Dental Service vans will be making a visiting.  Only the children who currently require a check-up will be seen at this visit. Please do not be concerned if your child is not called for a check-up this time. 

The dental therapist will provide a regular check-up and preventative care which may include: Cleaning/Scaling (to remove plaque from teeth) Dental x-rays (to check for decay in teeth, or presence and position of teeth) Fluoride Varnish (painted on teeth to help prevent decay) Fissure Sealants (coating put on teeth to prevent decay) if required.

If your child requires any other dental care, they will bring home a ‘Care Plan’ which will explain what dental care and appointment times are required. When you receive the ‘Care Plan’ please contact the Call Centre as soon as possible as you will need to arrange a time to bring your child to one of our Community Clinics for this dental care.

Please contact the Call Centre if you want further information on the Community Dental Service, to enrol your child or if you have any specific questions about your child’s dental care (a dental therapist will call you back)

Year 8 students: all year 8 students enrolled with the Community Dental Service are transferred from the Community Dental Service to a FREE private dentist from year 9 until their 18th birthday. To help with this transition please ensure you have informed your child of their family dentist (not orthodontist). This will enable us to transfer your child onto the correct dentist for year 9 onwards. More information will be sent home after their year 8 check-up.

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