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Curriculum and Specialised Programmes

Catering for your daughter’s individual needs socially, emotionally and academically is one of the key strengths of the Junior School at St Margaret’s College. Girls thrive on individual attention and effective feedback. This is made possible through personalised learning programs, small classes, varied learning opportunities, and an environment that is resourced to an extremely high standard.

Literacy and mathematics are our core subject area and are taught based on specific learning needs. This can involve cross-classroom grouping to ensure that your daughter’s requirements are catered for. These groups are always flexible and fluid and are regularly assessed to ensure your daughter is in the correct grouping for her learning level.

Included in our core curriculum are a number of programmes taught by specialist teachers in the areas of arts, performing arts, music, foreign languages, sports and computational thinking. These specialised programmes expose your daughter to a wide range of subjects while our specialist teachers ensure she is given every opportunity to achieve to her highest potential. Support is provided where needed through our Gifted and Talented programs and Learning Support which is overseen by the Leck Centre for Learning Enhancement the School.

Providing learning opportunities that give depth and breadth to your daughter’s education is achieved through the benefits from exceptional access to senior school teachers as well as access to the school’s wonderful facilities, including the Theatre Dance Academy and the Centre for Innovation.