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A Chapel for St Margaret’s

St Mark’s Chapel sits in pride of place in-between Julius and Kilburn boarding houses. Consecrated by Bishop Peter Carrell on Sunday 31 March 2019, it is now very much part of the school community. The restoration of St Mark’s was made possible with the generous donations we received from the St Margaret’s Community. To raise the funds and complete this extensive project in less than two years is a phenomenal feat and one for which we are truly grateful to everyone who donated. St Mark’s at St Margaret’s College is now a very special place at our school for our community. 


The Story Behind the Chapel 

18 years ago the Satterthwaite family in North Canterbury bought St Mark’s Chapel, Rotherham to save it from demolition. The couple had got married in it and wanted to save a piece of history of their area and own a little piece of the past. They moved it to their farm where it sat, occasionally hosting weddings for many years.

Now, nearly two decades later the former St Mark’s has travelled from their farm in the Waiau Valley to St Margaret’s College in Christchurch to become Te Whare Hauora (The House of Wellbeing) for the students and surrounding community. The Satterthwaites have strong connections with St Margaret’s. Every female member of the family attended the school for the past 90 years and with the school losing 85% of it’s buildings in the earthquakes, they donated the chapel to enable the school to have a little piece of history for future generations of St Margaret’s students.