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Amelia Persson – Y12

Amelia Persson, a young lady with an infectious smile and a bubbly personality, talks candidly of the challenges of starting a new school in Year 12, given the importance of her NCEA Level 2 results for University, but is incredibly grateful for the opportunity she has been given.

Amelia received the Monk Scholarship for both her sporting and academic achievements. A term into her St Margaret’s journey, she seems to be taking the challenges in her stride and seizing every opportunity she can, with both hands. This includes transferring to the school’s International Baccalaureate academic pathway. She talks of the beauty of the school, the high ceiling rooms, the sense of community and family and can’t believe the support she has received.

While she loves team sports, Amelia freely admits being a perfectionist she enjoys the personal responsibility that comes with the individual nature of triathlons, “building off my own speed, pushing myself to my limits and knowing it’s all about how I performed. At the end of the day there is nowhere and no one else to hide behind.” Owning both her mistakes and her achievements is what motivates her and given her training schedule you can imagine that self-motivation is crucial to her success.

It might seem her sport is her life, but when asked about her time at St Margaret’s so far Amelia’s first thought is how her eyes have been opened to academic and career possibilities that before St Margaret’s had never featured on her radar. While triathlon is still the ideal career path, at least for the foreseeable future, Amelia is now excited at the concept of pursuing her interests in biology and chemistry and opening her mind towards what her future might look like following or alongside her sporting career.

Though the initial decision to change schools was one she didn’t take lightly Amelia says moving to St Margaret’s on a scholarship has given her so much more than just helping her to achieve her sporting goals, “I guess when I think about it, it’s just really nice to be part of something bigger than myself; part of a very supportive community.”